Sara Flutterbye and the Spooky Woods

Join Sara on her wild adventure as she bravely explores the Spooky Woods in search of the elusive giant butterflies.   

Although her journey includes danger, suspense, and monsters, she also experiences great courage, friendship, and magic.


The Story Behind the Story

 How It Started

 From the time my daughter, Leisha, could speak, she would always ask me to tell her a story when we were driving in the car. “And make it a scary one, Daddy!” she would say with enthusiasm. Leisha loved telling me which of her friends should be in the stories with her and what superpowers they would all have. She also had to describe what everyone was wearing in detail. Pretty soon, there were a series of Spooky Woods stories.

It seemed appropriate to capture one of her favorite stories, the adventure of Sara Flutterbye and the Spooky Woods, in print so Leisha could share it with her children someday.  A friend introduced us to Natalie Krug, a Baraboo native who was an art major at UW-Milwaukee. Natalie did an amazing job of bringing the story to life with her wonderful illustrations!

The Story
 This story is about the magical giant butterflies that were rumored to live in the dark and foreboding forest. No one that lived in the nearby town of Baraboo would ever be found there after dark. They all knew that was when the monsters came out. 
Then along came Sara Flutterbye from the big city. She studied butterflies and was determined to try to find these elusive giants and see once and for all if they really existed. The waitresses, Leisha and Abby, at Birdie’s Cafe, were horrified to hear that Sara planned to camp out in the Spooky Woods alone. They knew that anyone who stayed there after dark was never seen again. But Sara was determined so Leisha and Abby decided that they would keep an eye on her in case she needed help. Thank goodness they did!

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Book details:  Age Range: 7 – 11 years, Grade Level: 2 – 5, Paperback: 50 pages

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